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CBD can make for a Tasty Culinary Experience. Or, easily help you recover post-workout.

Nancy Solie CEO of PureLee Farms
Nancy Solie
January 18, 2022
5 min read
hemp leaf in coffee mug

Cooking with CBD is becoming more and more popular as people learn about the benefits of this cannabinoid. CBD oil can be used in a variety of recipes, from savory dishes to sweet treats, to add flavor and health benefits.

CBD oil is known to help with stress, pain relief, and overall wellness. So why not add it to your favorite recipes? You may be surprised at how good it tastes!

The process of incorporating CBD into a recipe is simple. Just add a few drops of CBD oil to your favorite dish, and enjoy the health benefits and flavor!

Add CBD oil to your current cooking oil to begin. You may also use CBD-infused ghee in place of butter! CBD oils are available in a variety of strengths, so be sure to measure accurately and progress from there. PureLee Farms offers flavors such as Clementine, Natural, and Cinnamon.

What could be a more natural way to implement a CBD wellness program than through meals?

CBD might be a good fit for your healthy living in 2022 objectives if you use it in your pre and post-workout drinks. After a hard effort, CBD's restorative qualities are ideal for restoring balance to your body and mind. Adding CBD to a smoothie is simple, and has been shown to help improve muscle recovery, making it a great choice for athletes or anyone who wants to reduce muscle soreness.

Here's another great article around cooking with CBD.

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